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Jalore Car Rental

Formerly known as Jabalipura, Jalore is a district in the south-western part of Rajasthan. The administrative headquarters of Jalore is based in Jalore city, which is popular as the Granite City of Rajasthan.

Towards the north-west, the district is bounded by Barmer District and to the north-east by Pali District. On the south-eastern side, the district shares its boundary with Sirohi District, and on the south-western side with Banaskantha District of Gujarat.

Spread over an area of 10,640 sq km, the district is divided into five sub-units, namely Ahore, Jalore, Bhinmal, Raniwara and Sanchore. To the south of Jalore city lies the Sukri River, the tributary of Luni River and the main river of the district.

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